Please send your lunch selection to Mary Brown at or call her at (714) 893-4831 if you are not on the permanent list.  Please contact Mary by Thursday, December 6th  with your October luncheon choice or if you are on the permanent list and will NOT attend.  Otherwise, if you do not notify Mary, you will be charged ($25) for your lunch since we have to pay Claim Jumper for your meal.  Bringing a guest?  Let Mary know by Thursday,  December 6th 

Cost of the lunch is $25 per person.  See choices below:

December 11th – served

#1 – Chicken pot pie with side salad –

#2 – Mahi with grilled veggies and side salad

#3 – Chinese Chicken Salad


January 8th:  Wear your PJs

#1 – Motherlode Breakfast Buffet

#1 – Assorted Sandwich Bar with house salad – buffet
#2 – Salmon with side salad
#1 -Stuffed baked potato with grilled chicken with side salad – buffet
#2 – Mahi with side salad
#1 -Rotisserie Chicken with mashed potatoes and side salad – served
#2 -Salmon with veggies and side salad
#3 -California Citrus Salad
#1 – Cashew chicken Sandwich with side salad – served
#2 – Mahi with veggies and side salad
#3 – Cobb Salad